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Mayaloka Seminyak Villas

Bali is the Island of Gods – a place where peace, worship and beauty are elevated as a staple of daily life and form the foundation of the unique Balinese style.

From the intricate patterns of Batik fabric painting to the Hindu and Javanese flourishes of traditional architecture, Bali is a place of vivid colours, shapes and patterns that create timeless and contemporary looks.

From the humblest family compound to the grandest hotels and villas in Seminyak, Balinese style mixes decorative imagery from religion and myths with architecture that seeks to create harmony with nature, using materials and arrangements that bring the outside world to the centre of home life.

Classic and contemporary Bali at Mayaloka Villas Seminyak

At Mayaloka Villas, the open air elegance found across the Island of Gods is brought to Seminyak, a hip and sophisticated neighbourhood in Bali where modern comfort mixes with timeless style.

Balinese homes are founded on the concept of having a compound, a walled complex that hosts a number of houses for members of the family. Mayaloka Villas has taken this traditional concept and given it a modern twist, offering private villas surrounded by natural green landscape with a private swimming pool, complimentary wireless internet and a semi-outdoor bathroom with a separate tub and rain shower.

Traditional flourishes such as thatched roofs, peaked ceilings and hardwoods are appointed throughout the design alongside modern materials. This creates a warm, friendly and relaxing atmosphere that brings Bali’s unique culture to the forefront.

A tropical hideaway that’s all yours

Bali is a place where nature is celebrated and made part of life. Most traditional homes have at least one section that’s open to the elements or lets the outdoors inside.

At Mayaloka Villa Seminyak you can rise from your air-conditioned bedroom, throw open the sliding doors and head outside to the shaded sitting area to recline on a delightfully modern couch. Or take a seat by the pool and bask under the shade of a wide canvas umbrella in the lee of a palm tree or fragrant hibiscus.

The high walls of each Seminyak villa’s private compound create a world apart that’s unrestrained, part of the surroundings while offering a relaxing sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle.

Bali is a romantic place, full of legends and charm that captivates visitors’ imaginations. Mayaloka Villas reflects this unique culture by creating an atmosphere of elegant ease that harnesses the deep traditions of the island while bringing modern comforts – a perfect blend of style and satisfaction.